Start Saying Stop Disclaiming

Start Saying, Stop Disclaiming

I’ve edited several client documents as well as a few from students I mentor that have one thing in common: Overuse of disclaimer language. Do you ever use these words: “I think…” or “I believe the direction we need to go…” or some version of these phrases? The best thing you can do for your credibility, influence and personal brand is to just say what you need to say. Of course, use proper grammar and respect for your audience. The more you soften your key message with disclaimer language, the less impact you deliver. How can you expect to persuade…

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The Race Isn’t Over

A few weeks back, I blogged about my upcoming half marathon and how it forced me to train through the…

To Ring or Not To Ring

You’ve heard ‘em…the tune coming out of that lady’s purse.  The radiating noise from that man’s waist band.  At best,…


You hear it all the time.  Maybe you’ve even said it.  Why does television news cover so much crime?  Why…

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