The WOW! List: Look the Part

The WOW! List: Look the Part

Men and women show up to the C-suite with mixed attitudes about the importance of how they look. Some feel whatever image got them here will be effective with keeping them here. A rare few include how they look and dress as part of their executive mindset. Your image matters. Let’s analyze why. How you show up starts with your face, hair and wardrobe. Face: You were born with your face, so I don’t advocate drastic changes. Know your assets. If you possess a million-dollar smile, use it. If you have magnetic eyes, don’t cover them with glasses. Sure, you…

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Your travel brand

Your Travel Brand

Whether you travel a lot for work or every so often, your travel brand speaks volumes. It can even mean…

Use your hit list

Use Your Hit List

Hits and misses are part of life. I definitely want you to be a hit more often than not. In…

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