19 Mar 2007

Looking Back to Move Ahead

I just had the most rewarding experience.  I decided to write a thank you letter to my business advisors, mentors, clients, prospective clients, plus some friends in the legal and media worlds.  The purpose?  To recognize their contributions to Roshini Multi Media’s first year in business.

As I wrote, it was amazing to recap the last 13 months of actual incorporation and the months prior to launch of brainstorming and planning.  In doing so, I realized and reflected on my own hard work plus the great ideas, encouragement, and support from others.

The letter will go out this week.  I can’t wait for all these amazing people to see what they’ve done…what they’ve helped build.  From Minnesota, to Michigan, to Massachusetts, it indeed took even more than a village to start raising this start-up company.  And looking back on that, I feel excited to move ahead.

May you also take the time to look back and get the smiles to fuel your days ahead.

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