02 Apr 2007

Taxing Fool

Many people fear public speaking.  In fact, certain surveys say at least 75% of Americans do.  For some, public speaking is even above death on the scary list.  Well, I don’t fear public speaking.  But I do seem to have a particular aversion to taxes.  The thing in life that’s equally certain as death.  A strange coincidence April Fool’s Day and Tax Day are in the same month.

So how do I face my fear?  With the true tax hater’s method:  procrastination.  Now don’t misunderstand.  I have no big problem paying taxes.  Of course, I am not asking for an audit here.  I just wish I could get more jazzed about getting my paperwork in order for my tax guy.  A very patient man, he even tries to give me methods for making it easier.  For instance, “Stuff all your big receipts in a big yellow envelope.  That way, when tax season comes up, you can find them,” he says.  Believe me, finding is NOT the problem.  It’s the deciphering, sorting, and calculating that tend to ruin my plans.

So here we are a day past April Fool’s, and this tax payer would rather give ten public speaking events than get tax papers in order.  So while I procrastinate, I’ll share tips that have not gone unnoticed during six years with my trusty tax guy from Nashville:
1. Get a good tax advisor
2. Ask questions of your tax preparer early
3. Write on receipts as you put them in the big envelope
4. Make sure you read all the fine print, if you decide to do this on your own
5. Be conservative with deductions and itemizations
6. Look into Extension Filing before it becomes a possibility

The only good news this year?  We’ve got until April 17 instead of April 15.  Thanks to the calendar gods for their strategic placement of Sunday!

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