07 Dec 2009

Guest Blog: Follow Your Energy

I’m pleased to introduce Professional Coach Michelle Joy Stimpson.  It’s fitting her middle name is Joy and that she calls her company LifeShine.  This is a good time of year to take Michelle’s advice for a more centered mind to take you into the New Year.

Have you ever noticed how certain people and situations give you lots of energy?  That you even feel jazzed in the presence of those people or in those situations?  But then there are other situations or personal interactions where afterward you are completely zapped of energy and feel like doing nothing but collapsing in bed?

Interesting how that works!  In my coaching, I encourage clients to follow their energy.  Meaning that when they feel a call toward something—whether toward a person, an idea, a place, a project, whatever—they should go to it!  Follow the aliveness.  Follow the joy.  Follow the call.

At the same time, when I hear clients talk about an event they feel like they should attend and there is complete flat-ness in their voice, I have them stop and check in with what’s happening.  It’s obvious to me there is no energy there.  There’s also an important message for them in that feeling.

Ask yourself:  What negatively drains my energy?  What positively fuels my energy?

Begin to notice the people and situations you encounter and how you feel.  Make adjustments as necessary.  And of course, keep doing more of what fuels you.  Your energy is your most precious resource, and you are in charge of how you spend it.  Cheers!

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