10 Jan 2018

Leadership Talks

As we approach Super Bowl 52, the CEO of the Host Committee, Maureen Bausch, is everywhere. She’s working 7-day weeks in what could easily be called crunch time. I interviewed her on my show 28 days pre-game day and heard her speak to the Dunkers business breakfast group two days later. These two communication moments within close proximity are an excellent example of the many requirements leadership brings to serve as a brand ambassador.

As I say to all my clients, there is a difference between showing up and having a truly powerful presence. Maureen is a great example of someone who shows up powerfully and authentically. Most people can smell a fraud. Never try to be something you’re not. As you get the opportunity to speak in front of groups this year or to view others, keep an eye on that authenticity factor. Remember less is more so you don’t have to say everything that’s on your mind or in your brain. Above all, remember your performance is for your audience. Keen audience analysis ahead of your communication endeavor is a must. Maureen Bausch showcased that at her Dunkers keynote by providing slides with facts, figures, and images catered toward this business audience. She also knew she had a room full of ambassadors as she and her team are in the final stretch of seeing their vision realized.

On the radio side, this is probably the fourth time I’ve interviewed her on my show since Maureen was named CEO of the Super Bowl Host Committee. Each time, she was poised and charming. Mostly, she was in the zone of where she needed to be along the time continuum for her event. As she approaches the final days, I wish her and her team many good wishes executing all they’ve worked so hard to develop. If you get a chance to see or hear Maureen, use it as a master class in the embodiment of leadership.

Check out my most recent interview with her here.

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