02 Feb 2019

Top 13 List for Making Your Message Land

Whether your audience is 1 person, 100, or 1000, you want to give yourself the best shot at landing your message and resonating with your audience.

Here’s our special anniversary Lucky 13 WOW! List to help.

13) Take a shower
12) Try not to take yourself too seriously
11) Remember your hair is part of your wardrobe
10) Use humor if you are funny
9) Smile
8) Check for a shiny face or food in your teeth before you communicate
7) Optimize your wardrobe
6) Use action verbs and kill passive voice in any written or verbal communication
5) Ensure any PowerPoint is your supporting cast; you are the star of the show
4) Look people in the eye
3) Research your audience and customize the message to them
2) Throw away notes in live settings; if you must have something, make it a small note card
1) Less is more

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