13 Feb 2019

What’s in a Number?

We usually celebrate people on their birthdays and for their anniversaries. I’ll take that as a sign that we, as a collective, honor this thing we call time. Numbers matter and so do all the relationships that happen along the way. Just as a person’s trips around the planet have significance, so do milestones for any business.

Whether big or small, I always mark my business anniversary in some way. Mostly, by way of celebration. Partly because celebrating is a time for reflection and gratitude. On this February 13, I say thank you for thirteen years of relationships, goodwill, and honesty. When I started my speaking and coaching business in 2006, I could never have imagined what it would look like in 2019. I could only visualize and not exactly know where my goals for staying connected to my past life as a full-time member of the media would take me. Through many lessons, the journey has never been boring. The people and places who have crossed my path mostly enriching.

May you find time to celebrate your big milestones and meaningful moments. Perhaps a friend or colleague would welcome your affirmative words during one of their moments in time. Here’s to your WOW!

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