06 Apr 2019

Jim Nantz Calls It

The Final Four Men’s Basketball Tourney is a big deal each year. The 2019 set of festivities is especially poignant because they take place in my hometown. Plus, I worked with the local organizing committee CEO as a strategic communication coach and media consultant throughout 2017 before a full staff was hired. Hard to top the special place this event and its key leaders hold in my heart. And then came April 4th.

Joining my fellow Dunkers members, we heard CBS Sports icon Jim Nantz keynote to our group. His booming voice is smooth and unmistakable. His charm not forced but friendly. His stories resonate across generations and athletic interests. His dynamic 34-year career for CBS in football, basketball, and pro golf commentary and play-by-play likely an unparalleled statistic. My motto is Own Your WOW! Jim Nantz does that every day. Even better, he doesn’t rest on his laurels but continues to find ways to be a better broadcaster, husband, father, and philanthropist. Now that’s better than any championship trophy. (But let’s go Spartans!)

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