24 Jun 2019

Summer Reading & Watching

If you could binge watch any TV show or marathon listen to a podcast, what would you choose? That’s what hosts Steve Patterson and Elizabeth Ries asked me on KSTP-TV for their new segment for Twin Cities Live: Watch, Read, Listen. Well into summer mode is a great time to share thoughts and think about how you can spend those lazy afternoons or get in some great content to boost your big plans ahead.

Watch: One of my favorite finds from Netflix is Wanted. An Australian series that chronicles the crazy antics and sidesteps of two women who only met because they both witnessed a crime and then were turned into suspects. Hunted by the police and by felons, there’s laughter, tears, drama, and bonding across many countries. A fun recent show on CBS is Blood and Treasure. Take a look and tell me the two lead characters aren’t one of the hottest non-pair pairs you’ve seen in a while.

Listen: For podcasts, of course I’ll say Real Leaders with Roshini on Google Play,, Stitcher, and Apple Podcasts. Find it by searching from your favorite podcast app or go online: I’ll also give a shout-out to 10 Things that Scare Me. The series out of NYC has regular folks and celebrities, sharing what scares them. From the freaky to the funny, enjoy this one.

Read: The Little Paris Book Shop covers lost hearts and souls but also showcases the power of books. A fan favorite for my book club was Where Are You Bernadette? It comes to the big screen in August 2019 with Cate Blanchett in the lead role.

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