01 Jul 2019

Explore Your Own Rainforest

Did you ever think perhaps the Internet got inspiration from plants? I had the wonderful opportunity to tour part of the Daintree Rainforest near the end of June. Earth’s oldest rainforest covers part of Queensland, Australia.

roshini daintree rainforestI will never take the term information superhighway for granted. Our guide explained how these plants and trees send messages to one another and to insects when they are in need of food or repair, or sense a predator. The rainforest tour was the perfect way to kick off my time in Australia and also a reminder of how small we are, how much of a blip our short time on Earth.

No one is so important that they can’t afford the time to stop and watch ants protect blooms on the ant tree or stand in awe at the strangler fig tree. In fact, our brains and hearts yearn to leave the routine and explore. This exploration can take various shapes but is always good for expansion and focus. Do yourself, your employees, your boss, your family a favor and find your own rainforest.

I left the Daintree inspired by nature and new intention to never take for granted the sound of a river or the canopy of fanning leaves.

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