16 Aug 2019

Thomas Friedman Says “Tweeting is Just Wrong” for Journalism

You can’t blink without a reporter or news personality posting on social media. The Twitterverse is famous and infamous during Presidential debates or tragic shootings. But how does this affect actual news coverage?

New York Times columnist and 3-time Pulitzer winner Thomas Friedman says “reporters Tweeting is just wrong.” I spoke with him about war and peace coverage in May 2019 on stage at Gustavus University. Check out his Tweet comments here. What is needed is discernment. Friedman and I both agree on that. Discernment requires the public to take matters into their own hands when it comes to policing what they’re reading, listening to, or watching.

I happen to be a great fan of Twitter, but I’m a talk show host now and not a reporter. I can share opinion freely without getting in trouble with news management. Social media provides a lot of good for society. Indeed, news reporters often find subjects for their stories after using a “call-out” on Twitter and other social platforms. As a former TV reporter, all I can hope is that current local, national, and international media realize the power of their voices and platforms and go back to good old-fashioned fact-finding before they post.

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