23 Oct 2019

Creating a Culture of Wellness

One of my mainstage duties at Manova Summit 2019 was moderating a conversation with three national rockstars for the panel, Creating a Culture of Wellness.

Walmart’s Chief Medical Officer Dr Thomas Van Gilder, Comcast SVP for Total Rewards Shawn Leavitt, and the Executive Director of Health Action Council Patty Starr shared the stage to answer provocative questions and inspire attendees to bring action steps back to their organizations.They revealed how re-thinking the focus of their systems and processes around employee health and well-being can be game-changing and is not only the future but the present.

Some insights from these thought leaders:

– Put the human aspect back into health
– Understand what motivates people and use that to help fuel wellness initiatives
– Focus on personalized health, especially when it comes to medication
– Commit to accepting the future of wellness lies in simplicity, integration, and community

The passion shown for these important topics was palpable. Look for the Real Leaders with Roshini podcast Episode with Dr Van Gilder soon for how the store that sells the most organic produce in America is handling wellness:


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