01 Oct 2019

Highlights from Real Leaders with Roshini podcast

Mike Dimond
, SVP and GM of Fox Sports North and Fox Sports Wisconsin, shared a few of the pillars of the leadership style he’s developed throughout his career in the television industry.

Highlights from Mike Dimond’s Episode:

2:07 Mike shares the vision behind his tour of 50 half marathons in 50 states: “It was a great journey filled with life lessons.”

7:52 “It’s about relationships. It establishes a relationship of trust both ways. You’re going to trust my organization with your brand. It takes constant effort to live up to that, but it only takes one mistake for you to lose that trust.”
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Chef David Fhima
gave a glimpse into the passion and attention to detail it takes to deliver an outstanding dining experience.


Highlights from Chef Fhima’s Episode: 

3:05 “It can’t start with a lack of integrity. We are the gatekeeper when it comes to the integrity of the ingredients. Without the passion you put in the food, it tastes different.”

8:34 “We feed our soul and feel our emotions through the relationships we have. We feed ourselves with food from nature. Everything that grows is there to make us happy.”
Chef Fhima’s complete Episode

Darin Lynch, of Irish Titan, discussed personal and professional lessons from his journey and the vision behind his leading digital agency.


Highlights from Darin’s Episode:

3:59 The birth of the idea behind Irish Titan: “Business first, online second.”

11:50 Darin’s thoughts on navigating divorce and conflict: “There is no situation, whether it’s personal or professional where either party is 100% responsible for either the good or the bad.”
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