13 Jan 2020

Fox 9’s Courtney Godfrey has a message for 2-legged people

In her positive and humorous manner, Fox 9 reporter Courtney Godfrey shared inspiration with my WCCO Radio listeners recently. The summation I took was that nothing is so big you can’t overcome. Of course, you can’t do it alone. Reaching out to others is a necessary first step. For those who don’t know her story, Courtney lost her left foot in a boating accident in September 2017. Amputation was the only option. A newlywed with the world as her oyster, she faced a lot of pain and demons. In September 2019, she became a mother to a baby boy.

She’s now an activist for other amputees–lobbying state and federal lawmakers for better laws and policies.

Highlights of her inspiration to take into your life:
1. Faith, Family, Friends
2. A sense of humor gets you far
3. Always know there’s someone who has it harder than you
4. Focus on what you gained, not what you lost
5. Remember when you give of yourself you are also getting in return

Thank you, Courtney for reminding all of us two-legged people to not take ourselves so seriously and inspiring us to focus on all the good around us.

Listen to our entire conversation on REAL Talk with Roshini here.

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