11 Mar 2020

COVID-19 Action Plan

You’ve likely seen e-mails from employers, banks, healthcare facilities, and others ringing the message of reaction and preparation. Try not to be overwhelmed and create your game plan along these Four Action Areas:

1) Health
2) Legal
3) Strategic Communication
4) Timeline Consideration

What are you seeing and hearing from employees? Consider anxiety issues as well as the obvious health concerns as you create inclusive guidelines.

There’s a law for that. Even though this particular coronavirus strain is new, the reality of mass illness is not. Check your own policies and federal guidelines for how to handle sick time, overtime, and due process when dealing with employee needs and concerns. When in doubt, ask your legal team or hire a specific employment attorney to ensure you do right by the law and your employees.

Remember there are internal and external stakeholders when a global headline touches widely on your day-to-day operations and life in general. Do you have a disaster plan in place for how to communicate with all of them? Identify your brand spokespeople or brand ambassadors who are the best people to speak on behalf of your organization as well as trained to do so. If either of those elements is not true, consider hiring a crisis coach for media coaching as well as important stakeholder messaging.

What comes first? This may differ depending on your industry and specific company policies. But do create a timeline that leadership can use to guide how it will handle all health, legal, and strategic communication issues. Identify the person anyone inside the company can contact with questions. Re-iterate internally who the external spokespeople will be.

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