17 Apr 2020

How to Prioritize with Positivity in COVID Times

Prioritize your mental wellbeingAs much as everyone says now’s the time for gratitude and take advantage of the time you have with family, it’s still challenging┬áto adjust to these COVID times. Your inner narrative guides how you take on any project or problem, and it also informs how you react to things coming at you. That logic applies even more right now. So what can you do to keep your own mindset within your control?

That’s what the hosts of Twin Cities Live on KSTP-TV recently asked me.
Here’s an overview:

Realize Your Inner Narrative Matters
1. Take one day at a time
2. Set expectations with grace
3. Make space in each day to unwind

Ask Who Depends on You?
For some, it’s easier to find positivity by asking which audience needs you.
1. Is this about my family?
2. Is this a specific issue for my child?
3. Is this going to help me with relationships with friends or my work?

Plan for Post-COVID
1. Identity lessons now to take to the future
2. Find gratitude that will live beyond the present
3. Plan to build current creative family time into new schedules

Watch the entire segment on Twin Cities Live along with resource links.

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