08 Apr 2020

Protect Mental Health in COVID Times and Try for Awesomeness

If you let it, the pace of statistics coming at you combined with the loss of how life used to be could really get you down. Important during this global pandemic to return to some basics. First, ask yourself if you are giving yourself some grace. I hope the answer is yes. Dr Russ MorfittProvide that same grace to your friends and family. My guess is they will love to do the same for you. I had the honor of speaking with Dr Russ Morfitt on REAL Talk with Roshini recently. He’s the Chief Psychology Officer and Co-founder of Learn to Live. The organization focuses on cognitive behavioral therapy as a way to find mental wellness and keep it. He shared some great tips. Listen to the entire segment on WCCO Radio here.

In brief, Dr Russ suggests you ask open-ended questions if you are worried a loved one is falling off track. Be kind to yourself and to those around you. Also, put what’s happening now into perspective. Remember we have come through other disasters together as a society. A great tip he shared was how once a week his own team has an Awesomeness Meeting. They share what’s awesome with each of them. Love this! “This won’t last forever,” Dr Morfitt promises.

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