13 Aug 2020

Courageous Conversations about DEI or Phony Tactics?

Diversity. Equity. Inclusion. Three words that seem to be the hot terms of the day. Different brands may have slightly different labels, but we are witnessing most organizations looking within to identify how they cover these topics. And then, who’s in charge of these topics. For those that don’t really have someone in charge, they are scrambling to create roles and titles that say to the world, we are racially-conscious.

Frankly, I see a lot of brands missing the mark. They are under the impression and giving the impression that this is a one-time project they need to do now and some kind of magical fix will occur within their organizations. In actuality, a return to the basics of looking at your workforce and treating people equally and promoting when promotions are due is the better path.

As someone who worked in the world of corporate media and then started my own business, I continue to see winning ways as well as token methods to address inherent systemic issues. My vote will always be for honesty, transparency, and the elimination of the attitude that brown, black, and all people of color need “help” to get anywhere in the world.

Powerful communication provides smoother sailing toward effective and meaningful results. If you can conduct and foster courageous conversations in your places of work, you will lift every group of people–regardless of race, creed, identity, etc.

Quick Tips for Courageous Conversations
1. Make no assumptions about any group of people
2. Avoid stereotyping groups and focus on an individual’s performance
3. Challenge yourself to step outside of your communication method comfort

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