03 Aug 2020

Sponsorship in the time of COVID… and beyond

Have you ever implored someone to consider a person for a job? Has anyone ever done that for you? This is a key component of a sponsorship relationship. Looking out for opportunities that help elevate someone you are sponsoring or receiving that kind of help from someone who believes in you.

Different from a mentor, a sponsor relationship involves a person who actively advocates. An easy visual: A mentor sees a mountain and urges you to climb it, or at least start training. A sponsor creates a pathway that helps you climb to the top or actually reaches out and actually brings you to that next level.

This shouldn’t be a passive relationship. I regularly urge my executive clients and those I mentor to directly ask people in their lives to become their sponsors. This could be a boss, a boss’s boss, a member of your board. This could be a former teacher who has inroads in your field of study. Important to understand the two-way nature. If someone is sponsoring you, alert them when good things happen to add to their arsenal of a strong recommendation. Thank your sponsor when he has made a gateway that turned out beneficial. In chaotic times as well as more certain ones, every person will benefit from one or more sponsors. And don’t forget to be a sponsor too. You don’t need to be asked.

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