29 Sep 2020

A Seasonal Refresher for the Soul

In the crazy year that is 2020, one of my favorite modes of travel got slammed down. The airline industry hurting from COVID restrictions as well as people’s fears to get on a plane, is one of the big victims of this year. I haven’t been afraid but also had nowhere to go with lots of places closed at favorite destinations.

Roshini RajkumarThat tide turned at the end of the summer when I got on a plane to visit a friend and client in LaQuinta, California. On a part business-mostly fun trip to the desert and the mountains, I said bye bye to the last days of summer. I hope you were able to do something to mark the change of seasons. The calmer you are on the inside, the more powerful you are on the outside. This means flushing the system of old energy and negative frames of mind. Hiking in the mountains and relaxing in the pool were a great prescription for mental clarity and physical rejuvenation.

As I said good-bye to summer, I wanted to bring in the new season with warmth and joy. My husband and I visited Perham, Minnesota, to take in the leaves and enjoy a night out in the rural parts of the state with friends. Our new puppy is also taking in the fall colors and bringing joy wherever he goes. Wishing you positive signs of your new season.

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