02 Oct 2020

A Debate with No Decorum

If you were one of the 73 million people watching the first Presidential Debate of 2020, you know it was anything but Presidential. As an American, I was appalled. As a citizen, I was ashamed for America. As an executive coach, I was aghast. All that said, we can still find a hot list of do’s and dont’s for both these guys–and I call them guys because they took the “gentle” out of the word gentlemen.

For optimal success in your own time at the microphone and some big DO’s for the next couple debates:
1) Showcase your best assets by sharing stories that relate to regular people
2) Compliment your opponent at least once
3) Cover topics you know people who don’t agree with you can rave about

And some DONT’s:
1) Do not interrupt the other speaker
2) Do not use mild profanities
3) Do not share gotcha lines

For more in-depth analysis, listen to my conversation with WCCO Radio colleague Cory Hepola. He asked me to analyze on his show the day after Debate #1.

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