02 Oct 2020

New Season New Time

We’re moving! Starting October 4, REAL Talk with Roshini stays on Sundays but at our new time of 9am to Noon Central Time. Eight years as an afternoon show might be a hard habit to break, but I’m up for the new time slot. I’m hearing listeners are too. Never afraid to get real with listeners and guests. Looking forward to what the last months of 2020 bring for headlines. The previous nine have taken us for a ride.

As an ode to our nation, each Sunday before Election Day will feature some topic connected to politics. Whether we talk voting, meet a candidate, or pontificate about the Constitution, I welcome your spirited feedback. Join me Sundays from 9am to Noon online, on the radio, or on Eager to learn from my listeners and guests. Thrilled to continue to engage with you on our phone and text lines or on Twitter.

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