06 Nov 2020

Birthday Blog: Celebrations in COVID Times

As I bring in a Milestone Birthday, I try to not let it bother me that the world is a completely different place from last November or even from nine months ago. Many have asked me how I will bring in the day. A few years ago, I started celebrating Birth Month by seeing as many of my favorite people as possible–for walks, coffee, lunch, happy hour, you get the picture. Turns out that intention is only as challenged as I make it. People have varying levels of comfort with in-person encounters so I’m going with that flow. Some will meet me for lunch or coffee. Others are sharing time on video calls.

Apparently, this is on many people’s minds as I see posts across social media or after taking informal surveys among friends and clients. Twin Cities Live on KSTP-TV asked me the same question. I shared tips on their show this week. View the entire segment. Here’s a quick list of some ideas you can make your own.

Birthdays and Anniversaries
1) Honor the individual(s) authentically
2) Take advantage of tech: a quiz featuring the birthday person or anniversary couple
3) Keep it simple

1) Give yourself a moment to mourn the loss of your traditional celebration
2) Craft a simple version where all members of the family can participate

1) Accommodate your tradition in a new way
2) Get input from all generations about creating new traditions
3) Give yourself a pass on sometimes-stressful traditions like holiday cards or create a fun and new way to accomplish them

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