13 Jan 2021

When Bloopers Happen to Good People…On TV

Just when you think you’ve seen it all after nearly 24 years in TV, a first happens. That’s right, I was back on Twin Cities Live on ABC Minneapolis with co-hosts, who have become friends, Steve and Elizabeth. On January 12, they asked me to share my Watch, Read, Listen picks for the season. We were nearly done with the conversation when my screen froze on them; their screen, along with TV’s out there, froze on my still image.

So what to do during these types of events? Remain calm. Try to smile. Because you certainly don’t want your face locked in a weird position. Imagine the memes that would come from that. A bunch of things were floating through my mind. But staying still and smiling was the best thing I could have done. I recommend you do the same. Luckily, Steve and Elizabeth are pros. They turned that 10-second or so gap into a bit before they had me back. Watch here.

Ever wonder what to do when you’re in a media interview of any kind? Drop me a line, maybe I’ve lived it or coached someone through it:

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