08 Feb 2021

Big Gratitude for 15 Years in Business

Celebrating is a natural part of any journey. This week, my business, incorporated as Roshini Multi-Media in 2006, hits 15 years. Feeling both blessed and a bit overwhelmed by the occasion, I recognize there is no way I arrived at this place alone.

Countless friends, advisors, family, clients, team members, mentors, enthusiasts, media types, PR professionals, and allies of all kinds went into the continuum from startup to where we are today. My first paycheck into the business account came from KSTP-TV as I used my media skills to do fill-in hosting for a couple shows on their FM 107 station, including the popular Lori & Julia Show. My banker made me keep one dollar from that first paycheck as a momento. My first media coaching client in May 2006, Dan Monskey of Wild Monkey Productions, entrusted me to grow his on-camera skills for his appearances on various outdoor recreation shows. Of the projects I did for Ryan Companies over the years, coaching the RFP Presentation team that won the project that became CHS Field was certainly a highlight. Not long after my book came out, the Minnesota Society of CPAs hired me to do one of my biggest keynotes at that time to close their annual conference.

Many of my executive and crisis clients will remain nameless because I am their secret weapon and/or there’s a non-disclosure agreement in place. Words cannot express my gratitude for their trust in me to combine my legal background, media experience, and strategy content to help them with their most pressing concerns and executive development. Especially as the world grows its newfound focus on diversity and equity, their ability to not look at who I was but to hire me for what I could bring to their needs, highlights all of these clients who were open to my influence and insight in their worlds long before it was in style or the going trend.

Team RoshiniThe RMM team is small but mighty. My accountant Scott Stone has been with me since my days in Nashville TV in the early 2000s; my talent agents at Moore Creative since 2006; US Bank my bank as a business owner as well as since my first babysitting job at age 11; Web master Michael Shapiro and bookkeeper Karen Dymit of Owl since 2010; business ops director Mary Albright since 2016; speaker specialist Amy Tomczyk since 2020. I am fortunate to receive advice and expertise from all of them and pleased to call them friends.

These years help me suggest a prescription for success: Surround yourself with amazing people in everything you do. Do only what makes you joyful. Work hard and play hard. Find laughter in all your days. And a new quote I saw and instantly loved, “Don’t take criticism from those you wouldn’t go to for advice.”

Pro Tip: Dare to WOW!

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