10 Mar 2021


In a prior blog, I outlined ideas for how executives can put questions about focus into intentional action. Let’s take stock and consider ways to improve our outlook and outcomes. Why go it alone? That was the question executive and media coaching client Sara Messelt, Executive Director at Proof Alliance, was pondering when she came into my world two years ago.

In fact, she felt unfocused. She shared how the time she spent consensus-building diminished what she could accomplish as a leader. Their organization had just re-branded and launched a national strategy to take the fight against fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs) to new audiences. She needed to beef up her external role in the organization and polish and elevate herself as a leader.

I’m honored to share how she described her gain of five big outcomes in a short timeframe by bringing me in for executive coaching that included brand ambassador strategy and media coaching. Some highlights in her words. Ask yourself if you can relate.

1. Strategic insights and tactics to grow into increased responsibility and exposure
The biggest gift Roshini gives me is support to step into my leadership role. My humbleness had become a stumbling block and my reluctance to embrace my leadership was a big AHA. I needed to elevate myself to elevate the organization. The more exposure I can get as a leader, the more progress we make on our mission. She truly helped me own my differentiators and use that strategically for the good of our brand.

2. More press and national recognition
We received more interviews and media placements partially through introductions Roshini made, and definitely from embracing Roshini’s teachings about how to make focused pitches that matched what each media outlet needed for its audiences.

3. Innovation to thrive
Work can become rote and not as creative and innovative as it could be. We had to endure and we actually thrived in 2020. Roshini sparked a lot of that. She helped us tweak activities and messages to help them stand out. She worked with us on innovative social media activities, pitches for Awareness Month, and offered ways to showcase stories and what we were doing.

4. More Focus and sharper decision making
Roshini’s support kept me grounded and focused on what is important. I also gained a renewed energy working with her because she was inspired to help me find ways to elevate the work. She is curious, intelligent and such a good listener. Coaching with her is very action oriented and outcome driven.

Roshini’s Way
I could not resist her energy, drive and deep commitment to raise up leaders in our community. Her way of looking at things in a positive way is infectious.

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