09 Jun 2021

Real Talk with Megan Diamond of NParallel

On my WCCO Radio show, REAL Talk with Roshini, I’m honored when trailblazing leaders drop by to share their stories. Always inspirational.

After overcoming several life-changing moments and surviving a lack of client engagement for her business over 13 months during COVID, NParallel CEO Megan Diamond talked about resilience and why she says, “humanness transcends all else… race, gender, economics.”

Real Talk with Megan Diamond, CEO of NParallelMegan focuses on what we have in common: “If you take life down to the core, we are all the same. It is our responsibility to help ourselves and help one another. We create life as we go with the choices we make—and so does everybody else.”

To be most resilient, sometimes you need to be brave and ask for help. When Megan turned to her employees and asked them for solutions, they turned their time, talent, and materials into products that kept all employees engaged and helped the community. The impact of being there for somebody else—and each other—got them through a difficult time. What to know more about Megan’s story?

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