14 Jan 2022

Real Talk with Matt Birk

Super Bowl Champ and former Minnesota Viking turned entrepreneur Matt Birk is shining the light on mental health and kids. With a daily average of 5,400 teen suicide attempts in the US, Matt says “kids are hurting, and this is a critical opportunity” to help them. His Pursuit Academy is about equipping kids with skills so they can have a great life – and perhaps we can learn a few life skills too.

You Do You
: Life entrepreneurs – as Matt calls them – pursue their own distinctive paths of fulfillment and adventure. They know that it’s good to be unique. Matt’s program shows kids the mindsets and skillsets needed to embrace their talents, empower others, and build unity.

Manage expectations: As Matt says, “Life is not a straight line. Your life has not gone as you thought it would, nor mine, nor anybody’s. You have to zig and zag and dive and duck.” Sounds a bit like playing football, doesn’t it?

And expectations around parenting: “We can’t expect that everything is going to be great all the time. Let’s not get upset or frustrated when life isn’t going perfectly… Don’t measure parenting success by what you harvest today, but the seeds you are sowing 5, 10, 15 years down the road.”

Give hope: We have a mental health crisis in this country among all age groups. “Kids are stressed, depressed, exam distressed and social media possessed” says Matt. All of us need hope, inspiration and dreams. The best things we can do for each other according to Matt Birk: “show up, put the phones down and just talk.”

Listen to my entire conversation with Matt from August 29, 2021.

He goes deep about kids, parenting, and mental health. He also shares some fun talking Vikings and Packers.

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