14 Feb 2022

Crisis Talk: Remember your IAP’s and Q’s

Crisis and potential crisis situations surround us now more than ever. Approaching two years since the world as we knew it shut down due to COVID-19 is a good time to evaluate how you’re communicating with internal and external stakeholders. Do you have a game plan or are you shooting from the hip? The latter could get you in hot water or even sued.

You’ve seen me write about the formula I use and teach to all my clients for how to make communication preparation more efficient and less stressful. You can use my IAP Formula for phone calls, written communication, social media posts, meetings, big presentations, PowerPoints, and bet-the-company endeavors.

Each letter of the Formula is co-equal; the Intent line guides your roadmap.
I = Intent
A = Audience Analysis
P = Powerful Performance

Intent: This part of the Formula is always about you. What is your goal in any particular communication endeavor? Mode of delivery could be virtual, written, or face-to-face. Identify a short intent line built around a strong action verb.

Audience Analysis: Thorough audience analysis will help accomplish your intent line. What are the details you have about your audience? One or many? How do they need to perceive and receive the information? What will resonate with your particular audience? Gather as many data points about your audience in order to choreograph how you will best deliver your message to them specifically.

Powerful Performance: This is your choreography–either in writing, vocally, visually, or a combination of delivery modes. Remember this part of the Formula is always about your audience. Strong audience analysis is key. The more you know about the audience, the better you can craft the message to accomplish your intent. For example, if you have an audience needing warm-up time, share a story to launch or find a way to build rapport before you go in with crucial information. For people who want short and sweet, go in swiftly with swagger.

Use the IAP Formula to create intentional and authentic communication moments in the most efficient way possible. Time is definitely precious. For more details about the IAP Formula and settings to use it, check out Communicate That! book.

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