14 Feb 2022

Take Some Time Off the Grid

You’ve heard me talk about green space before. Time you take that’s just yours. Whether to exercise, meet friends for happy hour, go on a date with your sweetie, or zone out and think. As I teach my clients, this is pure refresh time, purely for you. Green space is both physical and metaphorical. My recommendation is to calendar this daily, weekly, monthly. Your schedule and needs determine the duration of each green space.

A few months ago, I set the intention to take what is my biggest green space endeavor in a long time. I went off the grid for four days in February. Was I able to avoid all e-mails, texts, and social media 24/7? Depending on the day, my success rate was 70 to 100 percent. A victory! This off-the-grid time took me to Phoenix and Sedona, Arizona. One of my girlfriends joined me to celebrate my business 16-year anniversary. Another who lived in Sedona, came along for one hike and a few meals. This was also a time to find some healing in the desert after the recent and unexpected passing of my mother. Nature-filled hikes. Spa treatments to allow for powering down. Reading and breathing by the pool with stunning mountain views to keep me company. All gifts I gave myself with no guilt. Amazing what these moments of peace do for the body, soul, heart rate.

I highly recommend you try some off-the-grid version of your own. You will digitally and physically remove yourself from the noise. You open space to refresh, recharge, and maybe even re-design what follows. Time is the most precious thing we have. Gift it to yourself as a way to renew who you are and what matters most.

For more ideas about creating your own green space, check out this article the Mpls/St Paul Business Journal did with me not long after the 2020 shutdowns.

How did your green space time go? Drop me a line. Let me know if I can share your example in a future blog:

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