11 Feb 2022

Sweet Sixteen: Celebrating a Business Milestone

Sixteen years. Not a milestone I could have predicted when I left my career as a TV news reporter to launch my own business. Gratitude to my friends, advisors, family, colleagues, media buds, clients, advocates, law professors. Not even I have the words to express what their enthusiasm and honesty over the years meant and did to grow my vision. 16th AnniversaryIncorporated on February 13, 2006, Roshini Multi Media continues to evolve. Today, we are an executive strategy and crisis firm with presence within corporations, universities, pro sports teams, non-profits, and media entities. I’m also thrilled to bring original content to the stage in the form of conference keynotes and share my love of the mic as an event MC, on-stage moderator, and virtual host.

Part of my dream and business plan back in 2006 was to one day have a radio show. Realized in 2012, connections made during nine years of REAL Talk with Roshini on WCCO Radio are invaluable. Before Covid shut it down, the Real Leaders with Roshini podcast gave top-notch leaders a space to get totally real. My commentary on Court TV, all  the Twin Cities commercial TV stations, and countless national and local media outlets helps me share my mix of law, executive coach, and media insider across boundaries.

Beyond thrilled to make it to my sweet sixteen and wish you magic and grit as you pursue your dreams and vision. Dare to WOW!

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