05 Sep 2022

The Crisis Files Goes Public

Thrilled to share some breaking news from my world. As many of you know, I hosted REAL Talk with Roshini on WCCO Radio in Minneapolis every Sunday for nine years. I sunset my radio show in September 2021 while I was at the early stages of developing my new show. Now, I can finally go public.

The Crisis SquadThe Crisis Files launched as a podcast on August 10, 2022. We shot it as a TV pilot in April, but I made the decision to first launch as a podcast to get this much-needed content out there while we are living in crisis-filled times. My Crisis Squad and I tackle real-life crises and ripped-from-the-headlines controversies. You can find The Crisis Files on your favorite podcast platform or at Follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @TheCrisisFiles. Share your comments and your crises. My Squad and I will dive in to come up with some guidance that could help. As for the TV pilot, I’ve started pitching it to TV and streaming executives and hope to bring it to a screen near you very soon. Meantime, watch the teaser video for our pilot here.

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