09 Feb 2023

The Crisis of Sleep Deprivation

When Fox 9 wanted me to wind down 2022 by talking with them about sleep deprivation on Good Day, it was no laughing matter. Why? Sleep deprivation is a national and international epidemic. The Crisis of Sleep DeprivationDefinitely a case for The Crisis Files. Listen to Case File #24: Help! I’m Sleep-Deprived from our podcast. I dove deep into this topic with editor-in-chief Jamie Martin of Experience Life Magazine. The stats she shared were staggering about just how many of us are skimping in this area.

Even though sleep-deprivation causes many health issues and social maladies, there is hope. We got into good sleep hygiene and all the ways you can help yourself, your relationships, and your work life. Watch the Fox 9 segment for how to get more out of sleep time. Here’s to your good rest!

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