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The Crisis Files

Roshini’s journey through law, media, crisis management, and real-world business issues planted the seeds for her new show. Shot as a TV pilot in April 2022 with Minneapolis-based Spoke612 Productions, Roshini started pitching it to television and streaming networks in August. While she works to bring her show to a screen near you, she knew this relevant content couldn’t wait as crisis headlines continue to play out daily.
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The Crisis Files


Roshini shapes her powerful presence and motivational content to focus on your organization’s particular needs. Sessions are offered virtually or in-person. Customize your keynotes and break-out sessions around one of Roshini Performance Group’s proprietary programs. Professionalize your event by using Roshini as your conference emcee, event emcee or panel moderator.

Media Commentator

Roshini is a popular analyst with media outlets for her sometimes irreverent but always informative and entertaining communication commentary.



Roshini’s Communicate That! is witty, easy-to-read, and makes IAP™ a straight-forward approach to creating powerful communication moments that will build credibility, boost your earning power, and showcase your WOW!

In her blog and various columns for regional and national publications, Roshini shares presence advice, media tips, and crisis coaching advice.

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Poised for Prime time

A multi-media content creator, Roshini Rajkumar is a licensed attorney whose first career as a TV broadcaster laid the groundwork for her current life as a talk show host and C-suite strategist and crisis coach.

She hosts Real Talk with Roshini on WCCO Radio and Real Leaders with Roshini podcast (on your favorite podcast app) and brings all her skills to virtual settings and main stages as a speaker and MC.

Roshini is called upon by media across the US for commentary about leadership, crisis management, political strategy, and PR blunders. She’s conducted thousands of interviews during 24 years in broadcasting. Roshini is a regular contributor on communication success for Twin Cities Live on KSTP-TV and a political analyst for The Jimmy Sengenberger Show on KNUS Denver and News Now on WADL-TV Detroit.

Her book, Communicate That!, is in its third edition and has been read by thousands of people in the US, Canada, and Asia.

You can also find her articles or quotes in national and regional publications, including Artful Living Magazine, Attorney at Law, Experience Life Magazine, MD News, Minnesota Business, Real Simple Magazine, and Twin Cities Business.

Interviewing thousands of people on television and radio bedrocks her roles as WCCO Radio show host, Real Leaders with Roshini podcast creator, and media commentator. A few memorable interviews include Patti LaBelle, Arianna Huffington, Garth Brooks, Madeleine Albright, and Ron Stallworth the original Black klansman.

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Curriculum Vitae

Legal and Academic Expertise

Roshini is a licensed attorney and sought-after executive coach. Her legal background makes her especially focused on liability issues as she prepares leaders for high-pressure situations. Whether prepping a client for a media interview or to testify in front of Congress, her legal lens is always on.

Roshini served as adjunct faculty in the Communication Studies Department at St. Catherine University in St. Paul, Minnesota. She was also an instructor in the Leadership Institute at St. Catherine. Prior to that, she was adjunct faculty at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Minnesota.

Roshini earned her Juris Doctor at the University of Minnesota Law School and her bachelor’s degree at Boston College.

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Why A Keynote Interview?

An excellent event or conference delivers moments of WOW! One effective way to get these moments is to take speakers off-script with a keynote interview.

What is a Keynote Interview? 

A keynote interview is an in-depth conversation conducted live onstage with a person who might normally deliver a keynote address (some people call this a fireside chat) and a professional interviewer. Questions are focused at the featured subject’s expertise and directed toward specific angles the meeting organizer and attendees prefer.

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For bold and helpful communication advice, count on Roshini to share her expertise and call ‘em as she sees ‘em.

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