Roshini Rajkumar

Graceful Goodbye on the Good Neighbor

I made an announcement a few weeks ago (Listen Here) that was about eleven months in the making. I would sunset my show, REAL Talk with Roshini on WCCO Radio, on September 5. The feedback from listeners, contributors, and newsmakers has been truly overwhelming. I’m honored by people’s reactions. Delighted that for nine years, my show was able to provide a platform for trailblazers and medical breakthroughs, enlighten people on all sorts of topics, and showcase iconic moments and people. Excited for what my future media projects will bring to the landscape. More on that in future blogs. For now, a big THANK…

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We are ALL Hokies

Seems like most of the “big” events on campuses happened in the near and distant past:  Kent State, Minnesota’s Red…

WILD about my team

Now’s the time to get tough, get strong, get WILD.  If you aren’t a hockey fan, try to become one…at…

You Wear It Everyday

Do you know what a good hair day is?  If you’re like many people, you know when you’re having one…

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