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17 Years of Lessons

When you’re a business owner, time speeds up and time slows–you don’t always know which part of the continuum you find yourself. But I always find it worthwhile to mark milestones. Seventeen years ago, I left the world of TV news reporting and took a risk on myself. I could never have imagined the amazing people, places, and opportunities that would come my way on the Roshini Multi Media journey. Whether in my roles as executive coach, crisis strategist, author of Communicate That!, radio host, media commentator, podcast host, or professional speaker, I am grateful to all who opened their spaces,…

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Voice Mail Tones

Timely timing from this East Coast reader’s e-mail message:  “Just wanted to let you know that I shared your June…

Happy Birthday

This is an exciting 4th of July for me.  Not only am I excited to celebrate the holiday for obvious reasons,…

Let’s Talk Summer

Not that we in Minnesota doubted summer would arrive.  After all, above-normal temps and humidity have been major realities the…

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