Coach Tony Dungy

What Would Tony Dungy Do?

When it comes to leadership lately, there are a lot of bad examples. Just turn on your TV or check your social media feed. The truth is, good leadership isn’t rocket science. Anyone can do it. But you do need intention, consistency, and dedication. When Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota invited Coach Tony Dungy to speak as a special appearance to its 1st Tuesday series, I had to get my ticket. The free Zoom session was just what I needed on a date that turned out to be a couple months before Election Day 2020, and…

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Covid-19 Coronavirus Action Plan

COVID-19 Action Plan

You’ve likely seen e-mails from employers, banks, healthcare facilities, and others ringing the message of reaction and preparation. Try not…

Own Your WOW

14 Years and Counting

Hard to believe this week marks 14 years since my business launched. I’m filled with gratitude as I look back…

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