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Roshini Performance Group delivers interactive seminars  and boot camps designed to boost communication skills for key members of your organization, especially those who lead others and communicate with clients.

Subject matter is based on the IAP™ Formula – a communication method created to make presentation preparation more efficient and delivery more effective and enjoyable.

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Communicate That!™

Communicate That!™ – valuable communication coaching focuses on image, vocal behavior, and message delivery that enhances executive presence and authentic leadership, achieves command and believability when communicating, and brings the ever-important WOW! to all presentation moments.

Do the words coming out of your mouth showcase a heavy hitter or scream lightweight? Does your message delivery say winner or, that person doesn’t know what she’s talking about?

Telling an engaging story about yourself and your organization builds positive relationships toward success. But before you can get to those important steps for raising your profile and growing your business, you must know how to communicate who you are in a memorable way—whether you are the CEO or a superstar-in-the making.

In Who Are You?, Roshini guides you through her trademarked presentation process, the
I-A-P™ Formula, to help you first showcase YOU—so you can WOW! every time.

Does your vocal behavior say rookie or expert? It doesn’t really matter what you know if you don’t know how to communicate it.

Your vocal behavior is a major part of your personal brand. It goes beyond just your voice. Your vocal behavior is the character behind your voice and the personality it portrays. Your vocal behavior also consists of how people receive and perceive you through what they hear and feel when you do open your mouth.

How do you project? Are you nasal? What about your energy level or the subtextual messages you’re sending? Most people believe a pleasant-sounding voice brings success. Many don’t actually analyze how they sound or the messages they deliver beyond the words they speak.

In her Vocal Power interactive seminar, Roshini guides you to a more powerful vocal behavior through use of her proprietary I-A-P™ Formula. Learn how to hear and feel stronger business results.

They say you have one shot to make an impression. That’s only partly true. In the world of business, you have weekly and daily opportunities to set yourself apart. The question becomes, are you pumping up your profile with these communication moments or ruining your reputation?

With BizSpeak, Roshini shows you how to turn your most common business communication scenarios into WOW! moments. You will be guided through Roshini’s trademarked communication process, the I-A-P™ Formula, to help you create memorable moments that showcase YOU and your credibility.

Roshini’s often heard saying: It doesn’t matter what you know if you don’t know how to communicate it. Whether you have to present to internal audiences, external audiences, or find yourself in pressure situations, BizSpeak can help you sparkle and reach your goal.

Mickey Mouse didn’t get to be a household name by accident. Margaret Thatcher wasn’t shy about proclaiming her strength and intention.

Who comes to mind when you hear the term powerful presence? Your name better be on that short list. If it’s not, you’re leaving money on the table and powerful relationships in the dust. If you do make the list, get out there and glow.

In her Own Your WOW!™ talk, Roshini helps you define or refine your space and then take the steps needed to truly showcase your gifts and expertise. Once you are comfortable showcasing, go ahead and Own Your WOW!™ Just watch the results.

Do you get squeamish when you are slated to introduce the keynote speaker at an event, your boss at a company party, or even yourself at today’s business mixer? Your anxiety will most likely show and prevent you from showcasing your authentic business self. And even worse, that nervousness plus poor preparation will dishonor the person you introduce.

What if you started to think about the introduction as an art form? Are you a Monet or an artist whose work deserves the junk pile?

Roshini Preformance Group wants to help you make every introduction a WOW! In Art of the Introduction, Roshini draws on skills developed doing thousands of interviews in television news and radio as an anchor, reporter, and talk show host—experience that requires her to know how to introduce people concisely and with flair. Let her guide you to inspiring your audiences about the people you will introduce.

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Media coaching based on Roshini’s media-insider experience to empower you to learn how to stay “on message” in front of the microphone and camera, acquire media savvy, and capitalize on media exposure.

In MediaSpeak,™ Roshini gives you an insider view of the media world. Roshini shares media lingo, deadline realities, and communication methods the media savvy businessperson needs to know to connect with and hold the interest of print, broadcast, and online professionals.

Ensure you are prepared for any media opportunity and possess the confidence and poise to head off any possible negative spin. Capitalize on media exposure and build your business brand with MediaSpeak.™

By using communication expertise developed during thirty years as a public speaker and her career in television news and radio, Roshini puts you in position to impress when faced with media attention. Her status as a licensed attorney ensures the liability check is always on. Her current work behind the microphone and connections to media across the United States give you access to Roshini’s media insider status for your own media goals.

Real Leaders with RoshiniSo you’ve got the media interview. Now what? Good media interviews lead to more media interviews. Learn how to give a powerful quote or sound bite to position yourself as the expert in your field and someone the media re-visits.

In Roshini Performance Group’s Savvy Sound Bites, you will strategize and prepare for what happens when the press conference begins or the reporter rings. Roshini’s expertise comes from interviewing thousands of people during her career in television news and radio broadcasting. She keeps her microphone skills tuned up as a radio host, special event emcee, and commercial actor. You may only get seconds on-air or a few words in print. Make that time memorable and profitable.

Do you get nervous when the camera starts rolling or you step in front of an audience of any size? Are you worried you’ll be mis-quoted but want the opportunity for valuable media attention? Will you be the expert witness your client can count on for direct and credible responses? The pressure you feel could get in the way of your most powerful performances.

Roshini Performance Group will help you maintain your composure when the pressure builds. In Poise Under Pressure, Roshini shares communication skills developed during three decades as a public speaker, her career in television news as an anchor, reporter, and talk show host—during which she interviewed thousands of people—her status as a licensed attorney, and her current work behind the microphone as a radio host and commercial actor.

So you think you’ve got a story for the media? Do you know the best way to get them to cover it? If you don’t know how to pitch the media, you won’t get your story to the media’s readers, listeners, or viewers—your potential customers.

In Roshini Performance Group’s Cover THIS!: Best Ways to Attract Media, Roshini shows you how to understand media lingo so you can get media attention in the way they want and expect. Roshini also reviews common errors businesspeople make with press releases and other communications with members of the media. She’ll share stories from her years in TV and radio and the thousands of media interviews she conducted to get ready for airtime.

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